New Mortgage Programs

May 2022

Multi-Million Dollar Mortgage Programs and Interest Rates for the OneMillionDollarPlus client

Multi-Million$ home mortgage equity access with no monthly payments for life.

Client example – retired couple with $8,000,000 condominium in Manhattan pulling 50% LTV cash out ($4,000,000). Specific Requirements apply. Max $10,000,000 

The lowest rates today: 3.625% 30YR mortgage

The first ten years being interest only. A recent example: a client completing a technical or cashback refinance following the purchase of a $7,650,000 mansion in Miami, FL. Financing amount of $5,000,000. The monthly mortgage payment for the first ten years is $15,104.17 ($181,250 annually)

89.9% LTV up to $3,000,000

Today’s (June 9, 2022) Rates Below 

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