Case Study #2


Following a highly contested divorce with substantial legal fees, an ultra-high-net-worth client wanted to refinance both a primary residence and a second home. The serial entreprenuer and real estate investment professional had significant holding and requested $6 million of credit whose tax record did not yet fully illustrate these assets.

Despite a net worth of $40 million, the client’s assets were complicated and not easily interpreted in a traditional lending environment. For example, at a time when the client paid one-time legal expenses for a divorce settlement – regardless of litigation falling in the client’s favor – other complexities included:

  • The client’s personal tax returns failed to reflect enough taxable income needed to service the debt;
  • As CEO of start-up, the client couldn’t establish income beyond one year; and
  • The borrower’s assets included the acquisition of two commercial portfolios within the last 18 months.

Case Study #2


Due to our special and long-term relationship with a private bank, the One Million Dollar Plus advisory team was able to assemble a confidential, detailed summary that included proforma forecasts of the client’s startup venture. 


This effort provided the detailed financial data needed to predict future cash flow and valuations. 


The result: the lender’s risk concerns were assuaged. In its analysis, the bank determined that the client’s current personal cash flow would be acceptable in to service the debt. 

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