Case Study #1


An ultra-high net worth client and high-profile celebrity sought a significant reduction in the interest rates assigned to his Beverly Hills estate. The property, with an estimated value of more than $26 million, was owned by a client with very complex financial statements that included a number of new business acquisitions. The client sought to save money by reducing this interest rate on this massively-valued property.

Case Study #1 Beverly Hills estate


The client saved more than $20,000 per month in payments when One Million Dollar Plus (1M$+) helped reduce the interest rate on $12,750,000 to 2.75%. 1M$+ cut by one-half the interest-only monthly payments that were expected for the first ten years of the mortgage. Due in no small part to 1M$+’s exclusive and long-term relationship with this private bank enabled us to exceed the client’s expectation.

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