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While many traditional financial institutions might use income tax returns and financial statements to assess creditworthiness, this approach is often insufficient when it comes to the highly complex finances of high-net-worth individuals. One Million Dollar Plus advisors are diligent strategists who advise clients with positive financial credit positions on opportunities and options.

Case Study #1

Celebrity; interest rate reduction


Replaced a mortgage that was more than double the interest rate, slashing cash outflow by more than $20,000 a month.
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Case Study #2

Simultaneous residential refinances for a high-net-worth client; recent divorce


Due to 1MS+'s long-term relationship with a private bank; the lender’s risk concerns were assuaged.
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Case Study #3

Innovative and successful approach to jumbo credit criteria.


Clients were pleased they qualified for $6MM Montecito estate and were grateful for the lowest interest rate at the time - 1.875% on a 10/1 amortized loan product.
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