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  • Multi-Milion$ Residential Real Estate Financing at the lowest interest rates & best terms in the USA

  • Luxury Aircraft Financing

  • Fine Art Financing

  • Commercial Real Estate Financing


One Million Dollar Plus serves the affluent US and international families to achieve their Multi-Million Dollar real estate mortgage and other credit planning goals, with the BEST possible terms. Then we supervise the lender throughout the process and funding, on behalf of our clients.
Advisors provide assistance and advice concerning the client’s overall financial credit position, designed to enhance credit analysis, credit structuring and additional financial information for use by lenders to comply with state and federal laws that apply to banks and other financial institutions. Recent changes in the law, such as Dodd-Frank, require financial institutions to gather and rely on minimum financial information in determining “ability to pay” the interest and capital on any loan made by the financial institution. Even though a financial institution might be provided with income tax returns and – financial statements, such information is often insufficient for them to use in offering the client the lowest possible interest rate and other terms for the desired loan. We focus on providing additional information and explanations that will allow financial institutions to support their decision to offer a loan at a lower rate and better terms than would be provided without the availability of the enhanced information reporting provided by One Million Dollar Plus.



Million Dollar Plus advisors will provide their clients with enhanced financial explanations for the benefit of institutional lenders to comply with their own internal loan approval process and with state and federal legal requirements. The enhanced information and explanations are intended to be used for a broad range of interactions with institutional and private lenders for various categories of lending, such as;

Applications for refinancing of existing residential or commercial properties on better terms and or lower rates of interest than existing

Financing and for purchase money financing for one or more residential properties.

Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Financing

Borrowing at the company level for business operations, whether through issuance of bonds or borrowing secured by pledge of personal property

Financing of large personal property acquisitions for business or pleasure, such as airplanes or equipment

Application for, and analysis of equity lines of credit

And, as part of providing enhanced reporting information to be used by institutional lenders to comply with state and federal law, advisors will assist with in-person introductions to one or more financial institutions. They will also provide the enhanced financial information prepared by the advisor to assist the private bank or financial institution in complying with the “know your customer” requirements.



Top Funding Recognition, Awards and references include:

Designated Top Mortgage Professional, nationwide, by Top Agent Magazine June 2018

Top Funding Loan Officer recognition

Coldwell Banker Mortgage (#1 in the USA for 2 years), Bank of America,

Wells Fargo Private Bank, Countrywide Home Loans, Citibank Mortgage, Franklin Loan Center 

Recommendations include past President of Coldwell Banker,  former Bank of America CEO and many more

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Celebrity ultra high net worth client was seeking to significantly reduce the interest rate on his existing Beverly Hills estate mortgage. The residence is worth $26 Million+. The client had very complex financial statements and new business acquisitions. Had been trying unsuccessfully for many months to reduce this int. rate with local LA area mortgage sources.
Credit Facility: $12,750,000 at 2.75% 10/1 interest-only monthly payments for the first ten years replacing a mortgage that was more than double the interest rate and had amortized payments. Cut cash outflow for our client by more than $20,000 a month. Our exclusive and long-term relationship with this private bank enabled us to exceed the client’s expectation.


New cash flow from real estate portfolio with several large legal expenses including the recent divorce. Credit Request: Refinance of primary residence and 2nd home.

Credit Facility: $4,600,000 and $1,400,000 (combined $6MM of credit).

Client Profile: Ultra High Net Worth client is a serial entrepreneur and real estate investment professional and with significant holdings in real estate and private investments.

Liquidity: >$4.5MM Net Worth: >$40MM

The main challenges presented in this credit request:

  1. Client’s personal tax returns did not show the required taxable in order to debt service the credit request.
  2. Clients became CEO of Start-Up Venture with Employment 
Income of < 1 year.
  3. Acquired 2 commercial portfolios within the last 12-18 
months with strong cash flows.
  4. Client incurred several 1-time Legal Expenses for Divorce 
settlement and other litigation (settled in clients favor)

With our special and long-term relationship with the private bank, we were able to provide a detailed confidential summary and proforma forecasts from client’s Startup venture which provided detailed financial information with sales and client data to summarize the impact of company’s future cash flow and valuations. and detailed summary to assuage any risk concerns. e Private Bank determined that all of the current personal cash flow would be acceptable in their analysis of overall debt servicing on new credit requests


Bank jumbo mortgage debt. Couldn’t perform purchase of $7,500,000 primary residence.
Credit Facility: $5,000,000
Client Profile: Ultra High Net Worth client is a real estate investment professional and entrepreneur with significant holdings in real estate and private investments.

Liquidity: >$11MM Net Worth: >$65MM

The Concern: Our client started working with a Mortgage Banker using traditional Jumbo credit criteria. They were unable to properly understand the client’s cash ow causing them to possibly breach the financing contingency.

  1. The main challenges presented in this credit request:
    Client’s personal tax returns showed $14.9MM in losses for the last three years.
  1. There were over 75 different business tax returns to review and analyze.
  2. Due to the current escrow period, Private Mortgage WealthAdvisors only had ve business days to work with its private banks and the client to arrive at a solution and meet the financing contingency.
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Purchase using current employment of one month AND Restricted Stock Units. Purchase of $4,800,000 primary residence.

Credit Facility: $3,250,000

Client Profile: High net worth client with significant liquidity in investments portfolio.

Client Liquidity: >$7MM Net Worth: >$10MM
e Concern: Client sold his company in 2013 and took a year o to travel around the world. In 8/2015, he started new employment and a large portion of his compensation was in Restricted Stock Units which vest over 4 years.

The Solution: Based upon Private Wealth Advisors’ analysis of the client’s personal financial statement, and with its special and

A long-term relationship with the private bank, we able to provide the private bank the comfort of using:

  1. One-month income.
  2.  Use of Asset Depletion of client’s liquidity.
  3. Use of Restricted Stock Unit.

The Success: Working in concert with its private bank relationship we were able to close the transaction ahead of closing date so a family could move into the new house early.


Bridge financing on a listed property with asset depletion to purchase a home in Texas. Bridge Financing/Refinancing on Listed Property with use of Asset Depletion.
Credit Facility: $2,500,000

Client Profile: High Net Worth client (HNW) is an investment professional and Patent Attorney with significant holdings in Private Equity, real estate, and debt investments.
Client Liquidity: >$3.5MM Net Worth: >$20MM

The Concern: Our client does not have a current and consistent income to satisfy the requirements for qualifying income due to the cash flow nature of their Private Equity Investments.
In addition, the current property was listed for sale.

The Solution: Based upon our special and long-term relationship with the Private Bank, along with detailed analysis of all personal cash flows from over 30 personal and business tax returns and K1s, we were able to provide the private bank credit Team a level of comfort to make an exception to their listed property guidelines. In addition, we were able to persuade the private bank to utilize the asset depletion model for qualifying income purposes as well as some K1 distributions and 1099 consulting revenue. Furthermore, we were able to have the private bank consider this credit request under their “Double Carry” guidelines to allow up to 60% debt coverage.

The Success: Working in concert with the Private Bank, we were able to close the transaction with 3/1 ARM at very low rate Private Bank pricing.

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